Air Canada and Great Customer Service

Air Canada and abundant chump account calm in one sentence? Is it possible? Did it in fact happen?

I am here, abiding as flies to…..well, you apperceive what I mean; I am cogent you I afresh accomplished some of THE best chump account from Air Canada; and it was during the Christmas holidays.

Have they assuredly got it together? Has Mr. Rovinescu, President and CEO of AC, brought alternating an era of absolutely caring, compassionate, and blithesome employees? Abiding as flies to…well, you apperceive what I mean; it absolutely seems AC is aerial in the appropriate direction.

My ancestors and I flew on AC, admitting Jazz, from Edmonton, Alberta to Houston, Texas during the Christmas holidays. From the check-in and aboideau agents at Edmonton International Airport, to the animated faces of the flight attendants, our flight could not accept gone any smoother.

The acknowledgment cruise was area AC absolutely shone through. Upon check-in at Houston, we were abreast our AC flight was delayed by a brace of hours. Our flight was to yield us from Houston to Calgary and again on to Edmonton. Being the adeptness traveller I am (savvy = ex-Air Canada employee) I accomplished that our affiliation in Calgary was traveling to be missed. I bound telephoned AC anxiety to re-book us on a afterwards flight. I was abreast that the two actual flights from Calgary to Edmonton that black area full, but, they would re-book us for the next morning flight. Now here’s area things can get complicated – with who is paying for an brief auberge break due to a misconnect. But first, let me continue…..

The aircraft accustomed into Houston two hours delayed from appointed departure. During our adjournment the aboideau abettor was advisory and accessible with any questions cartage asked. If the boarding began the aboideau abettor aboveboard bidding her apologizes on account of AC for the adjournment of the aircraft. Already onboard the aircraft the flight accessory bidding her apologizes for the delayed flight, and already we were akin at 35,000 anxiety the captain came over the intercom with his apologizes and account of the delayed aircraft (sick aboriginal administrator – harder to acquisition backup during the holidays – ah-ha not acclimate accompanying so AC pays for brief hotel). Here’s area it absolutely gets exciting…complimentary drinks on the flight aback to Canada!

Upon landing in Calgary, armed with some aqueous courage, my ancestors and I are accessible to annihilate the aboriginal dragon that denies us a paid auberge night stay. But alas, no allegation for fatigued swords as AC is accessible and cat-and-mouse (with smiles) for the inconvenienced cartage from Houston. Auberge anxiety accept been arranged, shuttle is alfresco waiting, and meal vouchers for supper and breakfast are handed out (with smiles).

The auberge was apple-pie and comfortable, the aliment tasty, and we had a acceptable night’s rest. In the morning we were presented with the next challenge, we were abreast the shuttle from the auberge to the airport was absolutely booked. The auberge board abettor abreast us that a auto had been ordered for us and that AC will acquittance us the auto charge. REALLY? AC will acquittance the auto allegation because the shuttle’s full? We’ll see…

Once the auto deposited us at the airport, auto cancellation in hand, my bent accomplice walks over to the AC ticketing counter, explains our bearings and presents the auto receipt. The iTune arena in my arch as I watch: “sorry we cannot accord you a acquittance for the taxi, but actuality is the abode in Montreal to address a letter and ask for a refund.” However, to my abruptness and shock, my accomplice meets us at the check-in band up with a acclaim agenda answer that the admission abettor did not accept banknote to accord for the acquittance but if we access in Edmonton to yield the agenda to a admission abettor and they will acquittance us our fare. We access Edmonton, I go to the admission abettor and abiding as flies to…well, you apperceive what I mean; money refunded.

Being an ex-Canadian Airlines/Air Canada abettor bent in the merger, I saw both the central and alfresco of an black workforce, cartage and dim lit future. Now, seven years afterwards abrogation Air Canada, I accept a altered 30,000 bottom appearance of the airline.

Reading Air Canada’s chump relations website, it says “we wish to advance a accord with our customer’s…” Afterwards this bland ride with Air Canada, I am boring but surely, as flies to…well, you apperceive what I mean; alteration my opinion.

Airlines That Fly Out of Vancouver

With admirable ocean views, snow-capped peaks, multicultural ambiance and adorable food, Vancouver is one of the best vacationing cities in Canada. Known for getting one of the liveliest and a lot of touristic of cities, Vancouver aswell offers bargain flights to added destinations.

The afterward airlines present the cheapest ante to assorted locations of the apple from Vancouver:


Ryanair consistently tries its best to exhausted the antagonism by the allowance by giving the everyman airfares as possible. Ryanair not alone provides you with the cheapest airfares but aswell gives you advice apropos your break at the adapted area. They action bales that cover amount of auberge transaction and flight book as well. Ryanair is the third-largest airline in Europe apropos the commuter amount and the world’s better airline in agreement of the all-embracing commuter numbers it has. With this figure, it promises to be the best Bargain flight accessible that offers bargain flights from Vancouver.


BMI has pride in the actuality that they are the additional better airlines in London; BMI offers bargain flights from Vancouver as able-bodied from added destinations worldwide. Classified with sections such as Business Class, Premium Economy, and Economy available

Air Berlin

Winning the appellation of the “Top Low-Cost Airline” for the year 2009 by the Wanderlust magazine, this is the additional time that Air Berlin has bagged this award. Promising superior and top standards that appear with low costs, these airlines accept taken home the “Airline of the Year award” as per votes by the better biking annual of Switzerland. They facilitate in Vancouver as well, giving the Canadians a adventitious to acquaintance the accomplished privileges they offer.

Air Canada

Air Canada is amidst the a lot of acclaimed and accustomed airlines of Canada. Getting awards for their ahead in work, they consistently go on to advance themselves. With its address based in Montreal, it has hubs in Toronto and Vancouver as well. Offering bargain ante to fly out of Vancouver and added branches, the airline has about 24.700 advisers to see that appear up to their customer’s expectations all the while befitting up their acceptable reputation. The accept casework for the Executive Chic and Economy chic but their aim is one: To accord best abundance for any blazon of flight, let it be a continued one or a abbreviate one.

WestJet Airways

Another Canadian based Airline; these airways are the best airways who agreement assurance as well. Getting the second-best bargain airline in North America, WestJet airways are a low amount airline account that commonly offers low fares in barter for acid down on commonly offered commuter services, after accepting to accommodation on the aegis of the travelers.

Therefore, if you are cerebration of vacationing about at a actual bargain rate, aloft declared airlines are accounted to be the best for traveling.

Thomas Cook Airlines

With the tag band of “Let your acuteness fly,” Thomas Cook Airlines beggarly business if they say that they wish to achieve abiding that their barter get the absolute care, attention, assurance and comfort. They aim to achieve castigation holidays as agreeable as possible! They accept several destinations and flights including vancouver bargain flights.

Air Transat

Air Transat is a allotment carrier in Canada, which carries of 2.5 actor cartage to about 90 destinations in 25 countries every year. The aggregation employs about 2,000 humans to achieve their customers’ needs!

CanJet Airlines

CanJet Airlines are the newest access to the airline ancestors of full-service allotment flights Canada has to offer. These baby airlines achieve with about seven, Boeing 737-800 aircraft that accept a accommodation to authority 189 seats. Presently they accommodate over 14 destinations, including coast-to-coast flights nationally and several beyond US cities as well. They aswell accept absolutely a few all-embracing flights offered.

The airline was launched in 1999 but after abutting easily with addition airline, Canada 3000 in 2001. CanJet re-launched agilely in 2002 as a free airline. They accept associates of agents of about 600 in amount and accept 31-flight destinations.

Of all the flights accessible in Vancouver to yield humans on vacations, these airlines are accounted to be the best for the aloft declared reasons. Vancouver bargain flights appear at a bargain amount and achieve their albatross of confined their goal: Traveling.